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January 2019
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 One Direction fans commit suicide..

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PostSubject: One Direction fans commit suicide..   Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:03 pm

So its rumoured after last nights docu about the boy band wankers.

Seems the fans were annoyed that they were portrayed as sad losers with no life so some decided to take theirs which makes them even sadder losers. Serena showed me all the tweets she was sent by her school mates who are sad losers who follow people like these gay boys and Justin Beibers every word and action as if their life depends on its.

Seems it did in this case..

These kids need a slap, just because we have the tech to follow every little fart they do and then wind each other up over it does not mean its the right thing to do. If the parents know their kids are emotionally crippled by a boy band they should get a kick up the arse for not doing anything.

If you kid can't take a piss without reading Facebook and Twitter than there's something BADLY wrong.

Thankfully SO FAR Serena just likes music and not the dribbling about bands, yesterday she was indulging in her new favourite pastime which is photography, we spent the day in the country side taking pics of wind mills, plants, birds and the like and then spent an hour at Heathrow clicking the planes.

She got an eye for art...So much better tna screaming about 1D and Beiber..

Hard to believe this lovely girl came from this foul mouthed git but we are very much alike in real life, we both love the geeky stuff and can chat about it for hours, good times.

She has a wicked sense of humour but not a crude one like me (thankfully), maybe its me but does it seem to any one else that kids who come from working families turn out better than from dole never worked a day in my life people, seems working family kids learn respect and decency while dole ones just turn in to chavs like the parents.

No I'm not working these days but I was right up to after Serena was long born...
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One Direction fans commit suicide..
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